Trio Lagom

In the Nordic philosophy, the Lagom principle describes the state of perfect, natural balance and harmony, exploring the midst of contrasts between abundance and asceticism, society and individuality, work and enjoyment, and focussing awareness on the essential. Inner and outer balance, responsibility and team spirit create a feeling of a true and honest ‘being in the moment’, of self-evident togetherness.

With TRIO LAGOM, three worldwide performing artists, both as chamber musicians and as soloists, have joined forces to form a piano trio. Having trusted each other for many years as musical soulmates, their interpretations resulting from natural balance and artistic equality perfectly represent ‘Lagom’.

Latvian pianist Lauma Skride, Dutch violinist Lisa Jacobs and German cellist Johannes Krebs achieve the ideal balance on stage: the highest individual expression and spontaneous experience on the one hand and the responsible modesty towards the legacy of the great composers and their intentions on the other.